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Profit Hoopla Unasked


Affiliate Earnings Unasked

Ask is a little word that carries lots of weight.

Unasked, in Affiliate Marketing, carries lots of regrets.
Oh, no!

In Affiliate Marketing, day by day is recruiting. Referrals and earning referral rewards is it. And helping referrals is key.

One day, we realized we had little to nothing because of the unasked. In other words, we did not ask our referrals to do anything.

We are big on leading by example. So certainly, if you want your referrals to upgrade, start by uprading yourself. And oh, it is very acceptable to ask your referrals to follow and do as you do.

Be cautious though and never come across as selling. No one likes to be sold to. Be courteous and kind, sincere and helpful, respectful, and no strings attached. And yes yes yes, ask!

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