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Do you remember the old cowboy shows?

They get the red hot brand and stick it on the cow.

They want all to know the cow is mine.

And that is how we are going to identify it as my cow.

Branding identifies us:

It is who we are.
It is what we do.
It is how others know us.

The question is ???

How are we going to get branded?

We all identified by certain qualities and characteristics.

But am I branded in a positive way or a negative way?

Once identified by that brand, it sticks!

It sticks!

who you are
what you are doing
what you believe in
how you treat people

Go back to the cattle for just a minute.

Once they get branded, everybody knew.

Pick now!

Who do you want to be? known for? characteristics? qualities?

Then, happy branding to you!

Yes Yes Yes!!! happy branding to you!

You do know, advertising is mostly about branding, right?